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5:36 PM Posted by Lori Calabrese

What is an independent book publisher? What is a small press?

An independent book publisher is defined as a publisher that is not part of a large corporation. Some independent publishers are quite large, such as Candlewick. Small presses are independent presses that publish a small number of books per year. There is no official amount, but it is generally accepted that less than 10 books per year equals a small press.

Independent and small presses are not vanity presses. They have submission guidelines and a vetting process. If you are unsure of whether a press is right for you, or even legitimate for that matter, Children's Book Insider has a great CHECKLIST of things to look out for. In addition, a legitimate publisher NEVER asks you for money for editing or publishing or marketing. Publishers get paid via your book sales. If they ask for any kind of fees, this is a sure red flag.

There are some great resources for those authors who would like to self-publish. This would mean all the costs are the authors responsibility, but all the creative control and profits would be too.

Oftentimes small presses specialize in a particular area, like poetry, genre specific fiction, or niche non-fiction. Since this is a children's book site, we are creating a list a legitimate independent publishers of children's books to save you valuable time and energy (so you can focus more on writing your book).

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