Author Spotlight on Lori Calabrese and Small Press Month Giveaway

7:18 AM Posted by Lori Calabrese

As an author who is eagerly awaiting the release of her first picture book “The Bug That Plagued the Entire Third Grade,” I decided to begin the process of planning a book release party. After all, publication is a cause for celebration! Of course I've had visions of the Sex and the City episode where Carrie holds a lavish New York book launch party with champagne and chocolate flowing freely. But most of us don't have 25 g's lying around! But no need to fear...there are many ways to hold a book launch party, and whichever path you choose, the goal remains the same--to make your book release party fun! 

So where does one begin? Do what you do when you give a party:
1. Start with a budget
2. Make a guest list/ invites/ press release
3. Pick a venue (it can be a restaurant, rented hall, museum, a bookstore, a library, or even your own home)
4. Plan the menu
5. Plan the color scheme, entertainment, the decor, etc.
6. Decide on a book sale or book giveaway
7. Offer fun games and activities
8. Be sure to thank everyone for coming/ send thank-yous

I'm a big fan of the new trend for online book release parties. Instead of a live party, or in addition to the live party, you can consider hosting a release party online. With the rise of social media sites, many of us have gathered a boat load of online friends. Having an online book release party allows you to celebrate with online friends who might live far away, and for those who live close, it lets them pop into the party whenever they're available. The party can be set-up and hosted on your website, blog, or social media site like or Facebook. Be sure to have lots of information on where to purchase your books, as well as offer free give-aways to anyone leaving comments on your blog during the event.

Book Release Parties are a big thing for an author. Hopefully, it will facilitate the purchase of your book and get it in the hands of people where it might not otherwise make it. It's a chance to scream to the world, "MY BOOK IS OUT!", and even though it might seem a little weird to toot your own horn, it's a chance to celebrate a milestone in your life. Often, it’s hard to be so bold about your book because you don’t want to put people in an awkward situation of feeling like they must buy your book-which, of course, is true-they must!  But inviting them to a party is different because even if they don’t make it, they will hopefully still go out and buy your book because you were thoughtful enough to invite them.

Keep an eye out for your invitation this Fall to a creepy, crawly and fun BUG LAUNCH PARTY! This buggy party will have everyone BUZZING!


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--If you're a writer, what kind of get-together have you had to celebrate the publication of your book?
--If you're a reader, what kind of book launch have you been to or would like to go to that you think would be a blast?

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