2009 Publishing Stats

1:26 PM Posted by Amy Allgeyer Cook


The Bowker Report for 2009 is out. Some of you may have seen bits and pieces posted around the networld. The link above will take you to the article. The highlights are...

Number of books published in 2009: 1,052,803 (up 87% over 2008)

Number of those books SELF or POD* published: 764,448 (72.6%)

Here's the wild part:

The number of traditionally published books (ie, not self or POD published) DROPPED 0.5%, from 289,729 in 2008 to 288,355 in 2009.

The number of traditionally published fiction books was down 15%.

On the plus side for Children's Writers:
Traditionally published kid's books (picture books thru YA) were up 8.4%.
Kid's books are very close to becoming the majority of all books published! For years, fiction (adult) has been the category with the most books published. But in 2009, the gap closed with 45,181 fiction books published to 32,348 children's books published (including only books put out by traditional publishers).

Kid's books:
2008: 29,825 books
2009: 32,348 books
Adult Fiction:
2008: 53,058 books
2009: 45,181 books

If those trends continue, Children's Literature could claim the top spot in just a couple years.
*POD Books include books put out by small presses that use publish-on-demand technology. Even though these presses may have similar submission guidelines and editing processes, they are lumped into the same group with self-published books. Bowker does not break out a percentage of books printed on demand through small presses, but it would be great to see a comparison from 2008 to 2009 for small or indie press books.
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