Interview with Soto Publishing Company

9:06 AM Posted by Carla Mooney

To celebrate the May 2010 release of Owen and the Dragon with Soto Publishing Company, I decided to sit down with Pedro Soto of Soto Publishing and ask a few questions about his press.

How long has Soto Publishing Company been in operation?

We incorporated in late 2008, and published our first book, a picture book, in early 2009. Though still quite young, we’re quickly gaining name recognition.

Why did you decide to go into publishing?

I had an opportunity (medical leave of absence) to reflect on where my career was taking me. It was not as fulfilling as I originally hoped. I’ve always loved reading and often considered writing a book. As a scientist I was always thrilled when my research papers (manuscripts) were published in scientific journals for others to read and build upon. Over the years, I gained valuable experience working with design software, particularly Adobe’s. I was an avid photographer and often used Photoshop, illustrator...and InDesign – technical tools that would prove useful in my publishing endeavor. And as a father of two wonderful kids, I found it particularly appealing to publish children’s books. I knew from the get go that I wanted to publish in the traditional sense, largely due to the stigma that has been bestowed on self-publishing and the perception of quality for Print-on-Demand (POD) titles, although the latter has changed considerably in a positive direction. I also knew I wanted to provide talented, yet unknown, writers an opportunity to be published. I would invest in the writer and they would entrust the fruits of their talent to me. So far, It’s been a very rewarding experience and one that I hope will never end.

What types of books do you publish?

Children and young adult books: picture books, chapter books and novels (all genres, mostly fiction).

What are some of the challenges and advantages of running a small press?

Excellent question.
• Advantages: flexibility – quick to adjust to industry trends; intimacy with the authors; better quality control.
• Challenges: Small staff – multi-tasking and time management issues; name recognition (gaining a foothold on the market); budget limitations (thank God for cooperative marketing)

Where can Soto's books be purchased?

Both print (p-books) and electronic copies (e-books) are/will be available for purchase directly from Soto Publishing’s website ( P-books are available for purchase pretty much anywhere there’s a bookstore (brick-and-mortar or online). If it’s not available, it just a matter of requesting a copy at the register or service desk. The retailer can have it delivered to its store for pickup or to your home address, usually within three days. E-books, beginning end of May/early June, will be available for download from most online-retailers, including Amazon, B&N, BAM...Apple iBookstore.

Is Soto Publishing accepting submissions and what exactly are you looking for?

Due to an overwhelming number of high quality submissions, we’re currently not accepting new manuscripts. Nonetheless, we continue to receive unsolicited manuscripts, which we archive for future consideration. We’re looking towards offering more young adult novels, including chapter books for early to middle grade readers.
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