Are You Marketing Just Your Book or Yourself Too?

12:01 AM Posted by Donna McDine

"Are You Marketing Just Your Book or Yourself Too?"

By Donna M. McDine

Since signing my first book contract with Guardian Angel Publishing, February 2008, I have read time and time again that the marketing of your book begins well before publication. Profound statement and right on the mark. Don’t miss another important aspect. You need to pair your book marketing with marketing YOU the author. Do not become a wall flower and only peel yourself from the wall when you want to position and sell your book.

Active membership in a writing community is essential, both online and in-person. Start out slow and don’t give in to joining too many groups. Being an active participant in one or two communities is much better than joining five plus and the members hardly or never hear from you. Start out by introducing yourself and then respond to fellow members posts constructively. Never attack or bash. Remember what mom always said, “Treat others how you want to be treated.” With respect, correct?

When a fellow member seeks advice on a particular topic and you have experience to offer, share what worked for you and what didn’t. The conversation ease is set from the get-go when fellow members sense you are not here just for your book, but to partake in an exchange of information. A trust naturally develops over time as you converse, cheer members successes, and encouraging even louder when a rejection is received. Relationships forged in this manner are usually a win-win outcome for all involved. Over time you will begin to wonder how you made through it the publishing roller coaster ride without them.

Go ahead put yourself out there and connect with fellow writers. You were brave enough to submit your manuscript to the publishing Gods so this should be a snap. Most of all have fun and make new friends.
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